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In June 1985, a group of 18 Marines and 3 Corpsmen from the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines ran a relay run for the Statue of Liberty Restoration Project. 

The mission was to raise funds and awareness for the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The idea originally came when they were in Beirut, Lebanon while serving with the 24th MAU.  

It became known as the Statue of Liberty Run and on the morning of June 19, 1985 the run started at the Camp Geiger Main Gate in NC and finished four days and 610 miles later on the morning of the 22nd in Flag Plaza at Liberty State Park. The entire run was planned and coordinated by simply referring to a route highlighted on copies of a Texaco road map that was carried by each one of the three relay teams. Supplementing the luxury of using today’s technology such as cell phones, laptops and/or GPS navigation, the task was completed with an additional Marine acting as a “Logistics Coordinator”, who had to stay out in front of the group.

On June 25, 2011, this group of Marines came together for the first for the Statue of Liberty Run Marathon Reunion. Back in 1985, after they finished the Statue of Liberty Run, they had to return to Camp Lejeune to leave on a six month deployment on July 3rd.  They hadn't seen each other or been together since they finished the run in Liberty State Park.

They have since organized their efforts as a Veterans Non-Profit Organization and utilize their time raising awareness and funds for various Veterans and community projects through the Liberty Run Foundation. Such efforts go to help Homeless Veterans, Widows and Family Members of fallen Combat Veterans, as well as organized outreach programs that provide continued support for recovering Wounded Veterans.


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